A Slow Victory (ft. 2Vines, Willeaf, LG)

by Breshnyda

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planet’s greatest inhabitants
picture this young sloth nibblin’ cocoa leaves
i go wherever slothy mama brings
til one day my grip loosened
i fell to the forest floor nervous and stupid
i look up to my mama
she’s looking impatient
coming down to get me would be too dangerous
i knew what she was thinking and she knew i did
watchin tears pouring out from her eyelids
she grabbed the next branch
i knew it was the time
to take control of my life cause i wanted to survive
no not just survive i wanted to succeed
i wanted lots of algae and an endless flow of leaves
so i stood up on my six toes
i started walking upright and wearing nice clothes makin’
something of myself meant i’d need to have a code
cuz i didn’t want to fall or my spirit to erode
so i made a set of rules to navigate through life
with maximum return and minimal strife i traded
all my paper trees for a digital life
wisdom is like thinkin bout doin’ it right
the first time never miss an opportunity
they come so few and far in between all of the struggling
so what can a sloth even do on this slearth but make
poor decisions kindling, triple their worth
I came from planet Slearth, drove a hearse through the 'verse
collectin’ stoopy humies imma make it all worth the trouble,
blow a a bubble of prophecy
I came down from the trees
now I'm steady movin’ up in the Slearth
sloth success means abstract thinking
i make em all follow a sloth way of living
less busywork means more time for thinking, focussed actions
push your motivating
and help round you out i’m thinking about switchin’ it out
lemme climb all over this town
the whole planet is a jungle gym we scatter throughout
now put your three toes in the sky if you figured it out
i’m a pygmy sloth that’s freshly unendangered
a fiendin' folivore intent to raise the wager
this day in age a sloth’s born in a manger
nice to meet you, i'm 2vines, sloth savior


released March 29, 2017
written and performed by Lee Bretschneider




Breshnyda Fort Myers, Florida

Lee Bretschneider is an artist from Florida.

photo by Seeker Photography

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